A Seasonal Ritual Coven to Witchify Your Life! SPRING 2023 enrollment is OPEN!

3 month ritual coven

invite magic into your daily life!

Calling all mystics, witches, seekers, artists, intuitives, and healers! Answer the call of your soul and empower your life with practical magic.

Here's what one witch has to say:

"Way of the Witch gave me an opportunity to feel that I am part of a coven, to participate in regular group rituals, and even to get to know a few witches better through our smaller circle groups. I have really enjoyed meeting other witches, having the chance to learn some new skills and using the extra resources and courses available to us as Way of the Witch members. I am so looking forward to next season!"

what will we cover?

Way of the Witch

Way of the Witch
Way of the Witch

Way of the Witch

Spring 2023 is OPEN!

Way of the Witch is open to ALL humans with a beating heart and an interest in deepening their magic through witchcraft and mysticism. 

This is a 3 month minimum commitment. Way of the Witch is a rolling coven that opens and closes enrollment at the start of each new season, every quarter.

We'll meet LIVE twice a month starting April 5 to perform rituals and learn different aspects of witchcraft and mysticism. Between coven meetings you can explore a library of workshops, PDFs, and resources. You'll also have "witch work" to do and be put in smaller coven circles to connect and grow together. NEW for Spring: monthly coven chats to connect and share outside of performing rituals.

BONUS! All coven members will receive access to a library of workshops valued at over $300 PLUS access to the WOTW Winter 2023 ritual archives and MORE:

  • 2023 Astrology Workshop
  • Witchcraft 101
  • Modern Mystic 101
  • Magnetic AF
  • Cord Cutting
  • ABRACADABRA: Spellcasting 101
  • Energy Protection for Empaths
  • NEW for SPRING: Monthly NEW & FULL Moon Ceremonies

Need to split payments?

To make this experience as accessible as possible, we want to offer a payment plan for the witches and mystics who may need a little financial help.

 Click here to split payments into $111/mo for 3 months.

This is a recurring membership with a 3 month minimum commitment. After the 3 months, you can choose to continue to the next season with the coven or cancel your involvement.

Regular price $333.00

Meet Morgan



Way of the Witch is a wonderful experience. I have missed participating in group practice as I don’t have a local coven I’m with and this really helped to fulfill that need. Rituals were meaningful and it was great to have the option to perform them at a later date if I couldn’t make the live, knowing that ritual space was being held for me to do so. I’m excited to see what the next quarter brings!


I have been looking for a community to join to expand my spiritual growth and Way of the Witch is exactly what I was searching for. I feel empowered and inspired.


I knew I needed to do the work but I didn't know how. Morgan was the perfect conduit to help me on my journey to find myself through soul work. If you are open, willing, and trust the process - you will not be disappointed. I can't WAIT to work with Morgan again!


I had considered joining a coven but had no idea how to connect with like-minded witches. Way of the Witch provided an opportunity to do just that. This has been a way for me to connect and feel supported as I blossom.


Morgan ... seriously what can I say. Your rituals are so real and are amazing at keeping me grounded and focused on positive energy. Thank you!



That's ok! You'll receive the recording and course materials immediately after class. 

Way of the Witch is a 3 month commitment starting on April 5 @ 6pm pst // 9pm est. We will meet LIVE every other Wednesday. The closing ceremony for SPRING 2023 is June 8.

Way of the Witch is a 3 month commitment. You can pay in full for the 3 months or choose the payment plan for $111/mo. You can cancel at the end of the 3 months or choose to carry on to the next season.

Way of the Witch is open to ALL humans with a beating heart and an interest in deepening their magic through witchcraft and mysticism. No prior experience necessary, but it is helpful to have a general grasp of astrology and magic.

We open and close enrollment at the start of each season, following The Wheel of the Year. To maintain a safe container and a progression of magic through each of the the 4 seasons, we require a 3 month commitment. Your magical practice will benefit from this devotion!

Rituals will include shadow work, candle magic, love spells, altars, divination, elemental spells, crystals, herbalism, and astrology and moon magic.

Supplies will be minimal and focused on what you likely already have at home.