House Witch Unblocking Ritual Box

House Witch Unblocking Ritual Box

House Witch Unblocking Ritual Box

Unblock your home for MORE magic!

Come home to a place where lost keys are just a funny memory, energy is abundant, and every project has a happy ending. The House Witch Unblocking Box is your secret weapon to transforming your space into a vibrant sanctuary of magic and joy.

From cleansing a ritual that zaps energy drains for more abundance to a protective spell that keeps pests and unwanted bills, this box is your go-to for restoring harmony and unleashing your home's full potential. INCLUDES 3 DIFFERENT RITUALS TO USE FOR YOUR HOME!

How do you know if your home has blocks?

  • stagnant air in certain spaces
  • unexplained fatigue
  • constant clutter
  • things breaking left and right
  • poor sleep
  • plants struggling
  • unwanted pests
  • creative blocks
  • financial struggles

Unblock any energetic sticky icky and let your home be a giant magic wand!

Whether you're moving, rearranging rooms, deep cleaning, or just need a reset, this ritual box has everything you need to unblock, release, and banish funky vibes from your home.

Here's what's in the box:

  • Golden Ganesh Statuette - the "remover of obstacles" Hindu God (he's half elephant, half human, full power)
  • Open Road Incense Resin
  • Charcoal Disk
  • Cauldron Smudge Burner
  • Dried Sage Bundle with Amethyst Cluster
  • Pathfinder Unblocking Oil
  • Selenite Wand - the all powerful master crystal, cleanses all
  • Green Aventurine - the stone of opportunity
  • Smokey Quartz - the alchemist, turning negative into positive

Turn your home into a magnet, a sanctuary, a safe space, and a cauldron for your magical practice! Welcome HOME!

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There is NO live ritual with this box. Rather, you'll receive a ritual PDF to guide you through the ritual.

NEW! Includes lifetime access to the RITUAL GUIDE VAULT with over 33 ritual guides to work with.

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