A 5 week experience in Shadow Work with Morgan Garza 

THIS is the shadow work experience you've been looking for. Morgan has created what she's been seeking, and she is IN IT with you. Guiding you through the shadows into the light with her incredibly effective 4-step shadow work process.

Are you ready to learn how to use shadow work to liberate yourself from past trauma, fear, pain, PTSD, limiting beliefs, abuse, and your own BS?!

Being UNBOTHERED AF is about so much more than just not giving a FU*K! It’s about doing the inner work to understand the WHY behind your pain. It’s about reaching a state of deep acceptance. It’s about loving ALL of you so that you can be free from the pain of the past.

You can’t only be love and light … you’re also a black hole!

    Unbothered AF consists of 5 pre-recorded modules and is designed to help you cultivate freedom AND give you the tools to maintain that freedom:

    ∆  Week 1: Launch Pad

    ∆  Week 2: Awareness 

    ∆  Week 3: Understanding 

    ∆  Week 4: Acceptance 

    ∆  Week 5: Freedom

    This is a self-paced course that you can begin at anytime and come back to as many times as you like.

    What will your feel after?

    • being unbothered af
    • emotional freedom
    • dissolving of limiting beliefs
    • release of tension, stress, and anxiety
    • the awakening of your power
    • deep and resonate peace
    • better sleep, sex, relationships, appetite, 
    • radical self-love

    This is deep work. Shadow work isn't exactly fun, but we'll make it enjoyable AF together. You'll be profoundly transformed after this experience.

    PLUS a robust digital workbook, EFT Tapping, LIFETIME ACCESS, a supportive environment, safety, and some INCREDIBLE BONUSES!

    Testimonials for UNBOTHERED AF:

    Meet Your Guide:

    Hi, I'm Morgan Garza

    I’ll be your guide through you inner world for this experience. If you’ve attended any of my classes on Saged or taken any of my courses, you know I approach challenging things with a light heart and a few F bombs.

    I am in love with shadow work because it has transformed my life. In 2008, when I was 22, I survived a terrorist attack in Mumbai, India. This was the catalyst to my spiritual awakening.


    I developed this 4-step process (awareness, understanding, acceptance, freedom) after doing psilocybin therapy. I had never identified my shadow until this point, so that meant that I lived in fear of her and didn’t understand my WHY at all.

    I knew I couldn’t be alone in this. In the bypassing, toxic positivity, and mentality that I was too busy for my own mental health.

    Shadow work is a passion of mine because I’ve seen it work firsthand. And I’ve helped many clients move through the same process to become free.

    I hope this inspired you to advocate for yourself and take the leap to be UNBOTHERED AF!

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