Double Capricorn Full Moons in 2024: A Rare Energetic Boost


In June and July of 2024, we are graced with a rare astrological event: two full moons in Capricorn. This potent alignment amplifies the disciplined, ambitious, and practical energies of Capricorn, offering us a unique opportunity to achieve our long-term goals and build solid foundations for the future. With the influence of Saturn, Capricorn’s ruling planet, this period emphasizes responsibility, structure, and transformational growth. Let’s delve into the profound energetic impact of these twin Capricorn full moons and how we can harness their power for lasting success.

These two Full Moons sandwich the New Moon in Cancer, making for a rare energetic boost. We have a July Full Moon in Capricorn as well and a June Full Moon in Capricorn. It's important to note the degrees that these full moons are occurring. The first at 1 degree of Capricorn, and the second at 29 degrees of Capricorn. This is like moving through a journey of structure and internal discipline that will ultimately help you have a more fulfilling and aligned life!

Full Moon at 1°06 Capricorn 🌕 June 21st, 2024, at 6:08 pm PT

New Moon at 14°23 Cancer 🌑 July 5th, 2024, at 3:57 pm PT

Full Moon at 29°08 Capricorn 🌕 July 21st, 2024, at 3:17 am PT

Having two Capricorn full moons in one year, especially within a single zodiac sign, is a rare and potent astrological event. This phenomenon amplifies the themes and energies associated with Capricorn, offering unique opportunities for reflection and transformation. Here’s what it means energetically:

Double Capricorn Full Moons 2024: Amplified Saturn Energy

Capricorn is an earth sign ruled by Saturn, the planet of structure, discipline, and karma. The energies of Capricorn are practical, ambitious, and focused on long-term goals. When we experience two full moons in Capricorn, these energies are heightened and prolonged, providing a powerful period for:

  1. Goal Setting and Achievement: Capricorn's influence encourages us to set realistic, achievable goals and work diligently towards them. This is a time to solidify plans and make steady progress.

  2. Discipline and Responsibility: With Capricorn's disciplined nature, the focus will be on taking responsibility for our actions, building strong foundations, and adhering to our commitments.

  3. Career and Public Life: Capricorn governs career, public life, and social status. These full moons may bring significant developments or culminations in these areas, prompting reflections on professional aspirations and public image.

  4. Structure and Order: The double full moon accentuates the need for structure, order, and organization in our lives. It’s an ideal time to create systems that support our long-term success.

Reflective and Transformational Phases

Full moons are times of culmination, illumination, and release. The first Capricorn full moon will highlight areas where we need to implement change or let go of old structures that no longer serve us. The second full moon will allow us to refine these insights and solidify new approaches.

  • First Full Moon: The initial Capricorn full moon may reveal where we need more discipline or where our current structures are failing. It’s a time to assess and acknowledge what needs to be changed or released.

  • Second Full Moon: The subsequent Capricorn full moon offers a chance to reinforce new patterns and structures. It’s a time for integration and making lasting adjustments based on the realizations from the first full moon.

Practical Applications of the Double Capricorn Full Moons 2024

  • Set Clear Intentions: Use the energy of the first full moon to set clear, practical intentions for your goals and aspirations.
  • Create Action Plans: Develop detailed action plans and timelines for achieving your goals.
  • Reflect and Adjust: After the first full moon, take time to reflect on your progress and make necessary adjustments. The second full moon will help you solidify these changes.

Emotional Impact of the Double Capricorn Full Moons 2024

Capricorn’s energy can sometimes feel heavy or demanding due to its serious and disciplined nature. It’s important to balance this with self-care and emotional support. Use the periods between the full moons to nurture yourself and seek balance between work and rest.

In summary, the presence of two Capricorn full moons in 2024 offers a rare and powerful opportunity to harness Capricorn's energies for practical achievements, disciplined growth, and long-term success. Embrace this time to create solid foundations and manifest your ambitions with clarity and determination.


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