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Enrollment for WINTER 2024 is CLOSED! The next opening is in March.

Reviews from powerful witches


The Way of the Witch, not exaggerating, really saved me and my relationship with my partner. It's a community that is so open and loving, and an opportunity to learn so much about the way of magic and yourself. Whether you're a baby witch or have been practicing for decades, the community and the sharing of stories is so empowering and transformative. Eternally grateful to Saged!!


I loved the Fall Coven! Morgan is a beautiful, amazing soul, and I am grateful that she is our head witch! The rituals are amazing and fitting for the season, the moon phase, and whatever is going on at that point and time. She provides additional resources and tools as well. 🖤☯🖤


I loved the rituals and really felt they were well thought out and perfectly timed to be honest. I cried, I laughed, had some of the best times of the last 3 months honestly. So grateful for you all.


Morgan told me that she has heard feedback from other witches that joining the coven has changed their life. Well, let me back that up by saying it’s absolutely true. I came into this coven not even identifying as a witch. And now I have found my inner magic and am proud to call myself a witch. I have made friends for life here and that, dear ones, is one of the main ways I have transformed and grown.


The coven has given me the guidelines to be and practice magic. I’m a solo practitioner and I learned how to open and close a circle. I was introduced to all aspects of tools and their use. Loved journaling , making things for use in the rituals and learning rituals appropriate for the season. Loved it!


I literally have been struggling my whole life to figure out who I am. This one season with WOW solidified my inklings of my own magic and brought it all to the surface. I’m very grateful to Morgan for this program!


WOTW is perfect for new and seasoned witches alike! A great way to tap into your magic in a fun and understandable way. A great addition to your self-care practice!


Joining the Way of the Witch is more than just joining a coven - it's aligning with a spiritual journey that's perfectly tuned to your needs. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking for groundedness and a deeper connection to their life's purpose.

Join the coven for winter and rebirth your magic with inner alchemy!

At Saged, we don't observe January 1st as the new year. We're in the depths of winter and hibernation! Don't give into the societal pressure to start everything and reinvent your life right now. Rather, slow down, move with intention, make some soup, and let nature guide you through the season of inner alchemy.

Step into a new year and the season of inner growth with NEW magic and a coven of wild, witchy humans. It's about damn time you stop feeling like the only witch in town. Join Way of the Witch!

Way of the Witch is a virtual coven and sacred space where you'll connect with like-minded souls, engage in live rituals, and deepen your understanding of the mystical arts. Embrace the season's energy, and let it set you up for a whole year of abundance. The work you do in winter sets the tone for your entire year!

Permission granted to come out of the spiritual closet and be the person you've always wanted to be!

3 month ritual coven

Way of the Witch is a return to the ancient ways, with a modern twist!

Magic loves consistency! When you align with the cycles of nature in The Wheel of the Year, your magic has structure to flow within. And that's the life we're inviting you into in Way of the Witch!

This coven is intentionally organized around the cycles and seasons of nature, which has many magical benefits for your modern life!

🌸Harmonizing with Natural Energies:

By aligning your magic with the cycles of nature, you tap into the inherent energies of nature, enhancing the potency of your spells and rituals. Each season brings its own unique energy and symbolism, providing a rich tapestry of influences for your magical workings.

✨ Personal Growth and Reflection:

The cyclical nature of the Wheel of the Year provides an opportunity for personal growth and reflection. Aligning your magic with the seasons allows you to acknowledge and work with the ebb and flow of your own life, fostering self-awareness and spiritual evolution.

🔮 Sharpened Intuition:

As you attune yourself to the natural cycles, you may find that your intuition and sensitivity to subtle energies are heightened. This can lead to a greater awareness of the energies at play in your environment and within yourself.

what's included?

Way of the Witch Monthly

Way of the Witch Monthly

Way of the Witch Monthly

❄️ WINTER 2024 is closed! The next opening is March. Get on the waitlist!

 Start your witchy journey through the magic of winter. Join the coven!

Perform rituals, share, connect, and practice seasonal witchcraft in a safe and inclusive space.

Practicing magic in alignment with The Wheel of the Year is the most effortless and healing type of magic. You're one with the cycles and seasons, which allows you to tap into a whole new realm of power and potential! 

Join the winter session and meet witchy forever friends, all upleveling their lives to a new witchy realm!

This is a 3 month minimum commitment of $111/mo or $333 paid in full

Plus you'll get over $1500+ in bonuses to strengthen your magic:

  • 3 Live gatherings every month
  • Lifetime access to 8 Witchy workshops
  • NEW BONUS! Sex Magic Manifestation Workshop
  • Vibrant Telegram community to connect and share
  • Quarterly Book Club
  • Monthly PDF Workbook on Astro and Energy
  • Sabbat ebooks with tarot spreads, recipes, energy downloads, history and more!
  • LIVE New & Full Moon Ceremonies
  • Access to ALL ritual archives from 2023 coven meetings, 20+ rituals to practice different types of magic ($1,332 value!!!)

Prefer to pay in full? Click here!

This is a recurring membership of $111/mo with a 3 month minimum commitment. After the 3 months, you can choose to continue to the next season with the coven or cancel your involvement.

Regular price $111.00

Reviews from powerful witches


Way of the Witch is a wonderful experience. I have missed participating in group practice as I don’t have a local coven I’m with and this really helped to fulfill that need. Rituals were meaningful and it was great to have the option to perform them at a later date if I couldn’t make the live, knowing that ritual space was being held for me to do so. I’m excited to see what the next quarter brings!


I have been looking for a community to join to expand my spiritual growth and Way of the Witch is exactly what I was searching for. I feel empowered and inspired.


I must say I have been blossoming since I started the coven, now that I retrospectively think about it. I am learning the craft and I am truly enjoying it. Being a healer I now can incorporate some spell jar for some of my patients and clients.


I'm very new in my journey and this coven has helped me to explore my path.  I look forward to growing in my craft with this community.


Morgan ... seriously what can I say. Your rituals are so real and are amazing at keeping me grounded and focused on positive energy. Thank you!


Participating in the Way of the Witch has been so inspirational for me. It’s really changed not only my practice, but so much about my life.


I have become more confident and I am blossoming, I could not recommend enough that experience to everyone. I am so much more in tune and aware of the gifts around.
My practice has become a practice infused with more magic than ever.

Meet Morgan


That's ok! You'll receive the recording and course materials immediately after class. 

Way of the Witch is a 3 month commitment starting on October 4 @ 6pm pst // 9pm est. We will meet LIVE every other Wednesday. 

January 10 - opening ceremony

January 24

February 7

February 21

March 6

March 20 - closing ceremony

Way of the Witch is a 3 month commitment. You can pay in full for the 3 months or choose the payment plan for $111/mo. You can cancel at the end of the 3 months or choose to carry on to the next season.

Way of the Witch is open to ALL humans with a beating heart and an interest in deepening their magic through witchcraft and mysticism. No prior experience necessary, but it is helpful to have a general grasp of astrology and magic.

We open and close enrollment at the start of each season, following The Wheel of the Year. To maintain a safe container and a progression of magic through each of the the 4 seasons, we require a 3 month commitment. You'll pass from sabbat portal to sabbat portal with a cumulative ritual experience to ensure you fully embody the current season. Your magical practice will benefit from this devotion!

Rituals will include shadow work, candle magic, love spells, altars, divination, elemental spells, crystals, herbalism, and astrology and moon magic.

Supplies will be minimal and focused on what you likely already have at home.

Not at all! During live coven meetings, cameras are optional. You can still perform the ritual without being viewed by the other coven members. The Telegram group is a safe space to connect with other members and participate as much as you like. Way of the Witch is filled with introverts and we ensure a safe and comfortable environment for all.

No! We are witches all of different beliefs, backgrounds, and practices. There is no High Priestess, levels, or official leader. Morgan is here to guide you through rituals, but all witches are invited to participate and lead different parts of the ritual.

This is not for you if you're looking for a hierarchical coven with a High Priestess. This is not for you if you're not comfortable performing magic with a virtual coven. This is not for you if you're not inclusive to all people.