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25% off Saged Premium!

25% off Saged Premium!

25% off Saged Premium!

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Super-charge your spiritual journey for the next 12 months with Saged Premium!

With this annual pass, you'll be able to:

  • attend all live moon ceremonies
  • attend all live classes
  • enjoy a daily meditation
  • access all daily jouneys
  • explore a library of over 2,000 articles
  • watch over 50 master classes
  • dive into our archive of over 200 recorded live class and ceremonies
  • get an exclusive discount on workshops and courses

In just a few minutes a day, Saged will be your guide and companion on your spiritual journey. This is for busy mystics who want it all!

Please note: We will upgrade your Saged account as soon as we get your order, normally within the hour. However this is done manually and is not instant. Look out for an email from us! The membership auto-renews every year- cancel anytime!

here's what saged users have to say


Finding Saged Help Me Change My Life

I had been raised in strict religious households that really put me off religion entirely.

Saged was an important stepping stone that put me on a path to greater healing. And I will always be deeply grateful to Julia and the Saged community.


Saged - a magical boost

I love the SagedApp! I got the upgrade. Every time I need a magical boost or a self-care boost I can open up my Saged app and there’s always something there to make my day a little better, sometimes a lot better! I highly recommend!

Cindy G.

A new beginning for me

I wasn’t really looking for Saged, Saged found me. I just recently started collecting crystals and gaining knowledge about chakras and how to meditate. Still new to it all though.

Julia the founder has blessed me in a way that no longer me has done before.


Wonderful App - love it!

This has been perfect for me to get me I to a daily practice. It’s easy and convenient. I follow their daily ritual, share my daily gratitude, and do the bite size meditation. They offer lots of wonderful classes video and live and you feel part of a big community! 


In love with this app & community!!!!

It’s sooo refreshing to finally find so many like minded people in one little place!! It’s quite amazing Bc in my “real” everyday life (in person) I don’t have any spiritual friends who share the same interests so I’m in love with this app & the community that comes w/ it.


seeking: busy mystics who want it all

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Founded on 11/11/18, Saged is a spiritual app and guide to help you awaken your mystic, embody your power, and flow into ritual—all in just a few minutes a day.

Our shop is filled with curated tools and experiences to help you become the person of your dreams!

Download the app for daily rituals, live classes, moonly wisdom, a rad community, and so much more.