Akashic Records Ritual Box

Akashic Records Ritual Box

Akashic Records Ritual Box


Uncover hidden truths, release energetic blockages, and align with your highest path as you harness the power of your Akashic Records. 

Your Akashic Records are the "Universal Library" of all your events, thoughts, words and emotions ever to have occurred in your past, present, or future lives.

So, why access them?

If you're feeling stressed, lost, lacking in purpose, or uncertain about which path to take, your Akashic Records hold the wisdom you seek!

By opening and accessing your Akashic Records, you'll receive clarity, and a deeper understanding of your soul's journey. It's like reading the book of life from all your lifetimes: past, present, and future.

Do you have questions about your path (past or present)? Then the answers are in your Akashic Records. 

Includes Charged Ritual Tools plus LIFETIME access to our 2-part Akashic Records Workshop for FREE ($77 value)! 

Quantity is super limited so snag yours today!

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