How To Take a Ritual Bath

Bathing is a special kind of ritual–when we draw a bath, we usually aren’t looking to have a quick scrub, then jump out of the tub. Bathing is a process, a ritual of cleansing, relaxation and deep healing. Often bath time is a time where we get to be alone, away from our routines and schedules, allowing the water to take on our aches and pains, our worries and stresses–the things that weigh us down. 

Water makes us feel weightless, it literally carries our earth burdens for us. How often do you take the time to bathe ritually, allowing the water to seep through the fibers of your being, letting it’s gentle energy flow through you, clearing energy blocks and revitalizing your organs? 

In a busy modern world, taking time for a ritual bath is a great way to slow down, rest in our nervous systems, and clear any unnecessary junk from our energy field. There are so many ways you can spruce up your bath and make it different each time. Add epsom salts or pink Himalayan salts for their detoxifying properties. Use essential oils to scent your bath, and gain the medicinal benefits of the oils themselves. Burn incense around your bathtub, light candles, and add water safe crystals to your bath. You can even pour your newly charged moon water into your bath for some extra magic! 

Bathing is such a loving way to care for yourself, and extremely beneficial for your body. If you haven't’ got yours already, snag your Saged 2022 Bath Ritual Box which has everything you need for a sacred bath ritual including:

  • a recorded bath and ritual video and meditation
  • face mask
  • herbal tea
  • incense
  • ritual bath salts
  • anointing bath oil
  • candle
  • bath bomb

Supplies are limited, so get your Saged Bath Ritual Box today! Remember to carve out time for self-care each day so that you can continue to thrive–not just survive. Blessed be Saged beings!

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