WTF is Shadow Work?

Shadow work is the act of looking at your pain, wounding, trauma, shame, guilt, and limiting beliefs and behaviors. It's an incredible tool for self-discovery, self-transformation, and self-helaing.

When we do our shadow work, we are opening to the hurt, hidden and darker parts of ourselves in order to bring light to those places. Though the shadow work might not feel easy, we emerge from it with renewed strength. 


The idea of shadow work originally sprung from the work of 20th-century psychologist Carl Jung. His psychology encourages people to acknowledge their shadow side. This way, we are aware of the completeness of our being, which is both light and shadow. 

Our shadows are the parts of ourselves that we try to repress, or hide. Most of us want to feel happy all the time, but life doesn’t work like that

There are infinite things about life that we can take joy in every day, but there is also the inevitability of pain and suffering that we experience as human beings. Rather than just pushing this pain away, it’s more beneficial for us to acknowledge it, feel it, and work with it accordingly. This is how we practice shadow work. 

Our shadows can appear as depression or anxiety, anger, strained relationships or feelings of inadequacy. It’s easier at first to push these things away, but in the end we will never be able to reach our highest potential without confronting our shadow selves and making friends with it. 

Do Shadow Work!

If you are interested in doing some shadow work of your own, join us at Saged with our CMO Morgan Garza in her 5-week live shadow work course Unbothered AF!  Y

ou will learn how to use shadow work for your ultimate liberation from past trauma, fear, anxiety and limiting beliefs. We hope to see you here with us to participate in this wonderfully liberating experience! Blessed be!

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