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Expand your mind and soul with Saged Workshops

You'll get unlimited access to every past and upcoming workshop from Saged! If you bought each individual workshop, you'd be paying almost $500. With the Saged Workshops bundle, you'll get ALL our current workshops and only pay $33 for all future workshops. And with one new workshop a month, your $55 is going to span time and space, just like your brilliant soul.

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You're a spiritual being who is always evolving ...

Nourish your craving for deep experiences and expansive learning!

From manifestation to empath empowerment, sex magick to akashic records, the Saged workshops cover all the bases! You can learn at your own pace, stream courses in your own time, and integrate when you're ready. We release a NEW workshop monthly so you'll always be well-fed.

Unlimited Experiences

For the price of just ONE monthly workshop, you'll get unlimited access to our entire, ever-growing library to stream when YOU want. This also includes upcoming LIVE workshops!

Sign up for just $55/mo!

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Here's what you'll get

We are devoted to delivering high-quality learning experience each month in a wide variety of topics. We want you to learn and experience at your own pace while also nourishing your mind and soul.

  • Our ever-growing library of workshops and materials to stream at your leisure

  • Access to upcoming LIVE workshops every month

  • Learn from renowned spiritual teachers and leaders for a deep and magical experience

  • Workshops in a wide and nourishing range of topics

Say yes to your soul

Expand your mind and soul with Saged workshops! Lock in $55/mo and start today! You'll be redirected to the Saged Thinkific site to register.