Shadow Work Ritual Box



Welcome to the ritual box that is going to crack you wide open! The Shadow Work Ritual Box is designed to take you deep within and support you with magic. This is a modern approach to shadow work. Inspired by the work of Carl Jung and amplified by the world of magic and mysticism, you're getting a holistic approach.

Take a journey into your inner world! Don't forget to pack a metric ton of self-love. And leave all that shame and judgement at the door. You don't need that where you're going.

Disclaimer: Please seek professional help if you are in crisis or feel that your mental or emotional state requires immediate attention. Your health and well-being are of utmost importance. This guide and ritual are not to be used in place of therapy. 


Ready to dive in? Download the Ritual Guide and ABRACADABRA your shadow into the light!


Download the BONUS Shadow Work Journal and Workbook

 Download the Rune Reading Guide