The Art of Divination

Divination is one of the ways that you can connect to the divine and ask questions and receive answers about our future and/or current situation. Perhaps the idea of predicting the future seems strange to you, after all, we are the creators of our next moments. The future doesn’t actually exist—it all depends on the choices we make and the things we choose to focus on. So while divination does provide us clarity about what our future might look like, it also gives us insight on what we can do now to create favorable situations in our lives. 


The beauty of divination is it provides perspective, and it allows us to strengthen our intuition and trust in the divine. It helps us to connect to our own inner wisdom. There are many ways to practice divination, and witches can choose what practices suit them best. Here are a few ancient and long practiced forms of divination that you can add to your personal rituals:

Tarot Divination: Tarot cards will predict what energies are influencing us, hidden messages within the folds of our day to day lives and possible future outcomes. This is one of the most common divination practices and also a very good way to strengthen your intuition. Perhaps you are a regular user of tarot cards, or maybe you are just starting out. It can take time to discern the symbols on the cards, but your higher self knows what they are trying to tell you. Use your intuition, and you will know what messages the cards hold for you. It can be helpful to cleanse your cards regularly and store them with a clear quartz crystal for clarity. 

Pendulum Divination- A pendulum is like a bridge between the spirit world and the physical world. It is used for yes or no questions, and can help you to receive answers from beyond the physical realm. A pendulum is anything with a string and weight at the bottom, so you can make your own if you don’t have one. Once you have one, cleanse it first. You can do this by placing it in a bowl of salt water for 24 hours, or putting it outside to absorb the energy of the elements for a day. Next, get to know the language of your pendulum. Sit down with your pendulum in hand and hold it still. Then, ask your pendulum to show you a “yes”. It will start to swing slightly in a certain direction, and you will know what “yes” looks like to your pendulum. Do the same for “no”. Once you are aware of the language of your pendulum you can begin to ask yes or no questions about anything from choosing what to make for dinner to deeper, more complex matters in your life.

Skry Divination- Scrying allows you to see with your inner eye, beyond what your physical eyes can see. It helps you to uncover hidden messages in your life, or in the world around you. Witches use a reflective surface to skry, such as a mirror, crystal or water. It is helpful when you want to get in touch with your spirit and seek answers from within. When you skry, you will need to be in a very relaxed, meditative state. Light a candle, sit with your divinton tool of choice and cleanse your space with smoke or selenite. Gaze at your divination tool and gently allow the messages to reveal themselves to you. 

Rune Divination- Using runes is an ancient divination practice that uses symbols carved on stones or wood to discern how to navigate certain situations of one's life. A typical rune set includes 24 runes, with symbols based on the old Norse alphabet. When you use your runes, hold a question in your heart. Mix up your runes and toss them onto a cloth surface. The answers you will receive are from your subconscious mind, as runes help you to connect to your subconscious. You can cast all your stones at once and read them based on the symbols themselves and the position they are in, or you can cast one or a few at a time. If you are not familiar with the meanings of the rune symbols, just research them. You will become familiar with what the different symbols mean for you. 

Practice Divination! 

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