Wake Your Witch!

A witch isn’t defined by what they do, how they look, or where they come from. There doesn’t need to be pointy hats involved, or rules of any sort, although the pointy hats are pretty cute. 

A witch follows their own intuition, and carves out their own path. They are deeply in tune with nature, and she knows how to use the natural elements to bring her own life into balance.

Anyone can practice witchcraft, regardless of what religion they practice, what gender they are, what traditions they hold dear, or where they live. 

The path of the witch requires being present with the here and now, attuning to the needs of the moment, and using what the natural world has to offer for healing and prosperity. 

In ancient cultures, witches were often the healers and midwives in the community. They brought life into the world, carried the knowledge of the land--of which plants could heal and how to use them. Witches hold great power, great knowledge and much wisdom. Women are the literal bridge between the physical world and the spirit world. In their womb, the mystery of life begins. 

Somewhere along the way, there were those who viewed the woman healers as a threat which led to the mass persecution and murder of women and witches. Now many of us carry this wound with us--the witch wound, a wound that comes from traumas experienced in a past life or intergenerational traumas from the cruel disempowerment and persecution of women. 

The witch's wound can show up in different ways such as feeling the need to be silent or compliant, fear of being seen or outspoken, a disconnect from your intuition, or deep seated feelings of fear and anxiety. It is important to clear and release the pain from your witch wound so that you can move forward with your life in your full power. 

You have so many gifts to offer! If your witch wound is causing you to hold back in any way, you are being called to step out. Don’t hide what you have to offer the world. Don’t lower your voice when you have something to say. Believe in yourself, in your divine feminine power. The world needs your precious light. 

Here are some journal prompts you can work with to reawaken your sacred fire, discover what magic you have to offer, and shine some light on how your witch wound might be manifesting:

  • What is it that I desire to share with the world the most?
  • What are my unique gifts and talents?
  • Where do I hold back my true self? 
  • What do I desire to receive from the world?
  • What have I not done out of fear that I would really like to do?
  • What do I love about myself?

You are a radiant being, full of love and light. Don’t hold back your incredible powers! You are exactly what the world needs right now. Blessed Be!

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