Activate Abundance Ritual Box

Activate your abundance with this guided ritual with Morgan Garza!



In this box:

  • Tibetan Singing Bowl
  • 14k Gold-plated Copper Pyramid
  • Orgonite Crystal Pyramid
  • Aura Cleansing Herbal Smoke Wand
  • Wonderful Wind Chime

Ready to dive into the ritual? Download the ritual guide!

Meet Your Ritual Guide:

Morgan Garza is an author, teacher, entrepreneur, and community leader. She is an embodiment of the divine feminine here to inspire you to become your own guru by stepping out of the darkness of fear and into the light of activated awareness. As CMO and Head Witch of Saged, she intimately and intentionally weaves the worlds of spirituality and business. Morgan is the leader of Way of the Witch and host of the Saged LIVE Ritual Boxes.

Her first book Soul Magic: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Mystics (Macmillan) is available everywhere books are sold. Find her at