August 2022 Ritual

Amplify your magic with a sacred altar!

This ritual box video is a bit different that previous ones. Since we're working with so many magical elements, there was a bit of teaching at the beginning of the video. If you're well versed in altars, elements, and cardinal directions, then you can skip straight to the ritual and meditation. We start at minute 24:00. 

Be sure to download the PDF below to have a handy guide for altar creation, elemental magic, and how to work with the directions.

Download the PDF: Elements of Your Sacred Altar 



Morgan Garza is an author, teacher, entrepreneur, and community leader. She is an embodiment of the divine feminine here to empower others to become their own guru by stepping out of the darkness of fear and into the light of activated awareness. As CMO of Saged she intimately and intentionally weaves the worlds of spirituality and business.

Her first book Soul Magic: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Mystics (Macmillan) is available everywhere books are sold. Find her at