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Welcome to a realm where mundane life is transformed into modern mysticism! The Saged Ritual Box isn't just a box of stuff around a cutesy theme. This is a complete ritual, guided video and meditation, and full-sized, elegant altar tools that will last for many moons to come. Valued at over $200, you'll strengthen your magic, build your altar, and align your inner and outer worlds.

With roots in ancient rituals, you'll make the mundane magical and become a modern mystic!

Believe in the magic of the season!

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You'll get a complete seasonal ritual in a box PLUS full-sized, elegant witchy tools that you can use in rituals for many moons to come.

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Our seasonal monthly ritual boxes are aligned with Astrology and the seasons of The Wheel of the Year. With each box you'll get a guided video ritual!

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The reviews speak for themselves!


I cried when I opened it. It is perfect. I did the ritual this morning and can’t believe how timely this is and I’m so grateful for this!!!


Very impressed by my Saged manifestation box. Truly was a gift! ✨✨✨


I love my monthly box! If you’re just starting out it’s a great way to collect what you need. And if you’ve already been into this a while it’s a cool way to open your mind and learn different things. All the objects in the box are useful and great quality. I’ve been very impressed!


I have been getting the monthly boxes for around 6 months now and I have loved every single one. Everything inside each box is great quality as well as extremely useful for me! I highly recommend getting the box every month.


I’ve been getting these ritual boxes since Saged offered the first one and I haven’t looked back. Each one is better than the last and I go back to old rituals when I need them. These are so much more than the tangible stuff you get. Morgan…seriously, what can I say. Your rituals are so real and are amazing at keeping me grounded and focused on positive energy.


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