September 2022 Ritual


Welcome to the realm of the Modern Mystic!

This month's ritual box is designed to evoke your magic from within so that you can make more magic daily.

The ritual and meditation are guiding you to your astral temple to connect with your higher self and bring magic into your daily life. It doesn't take much to make each day magical, and your inner mystic knows all. 

Watch the guided ritual and meditation below, or create your own by listening to your intuition. And be sure to download the 45-page Modern Mystic Initiation PDF below!


In this box you'll find:

Honey Calcite: Calcite is one of the most abundant minerals on earth. This mineral resonates with the Root, Solar, and Third-Eye chakras creating a powerful trifecta of personal will and creation. When our personal will is rooted, we are more inclined to push ourselves to the finish line. The hardest part of doing something is getting started, and Honey Calcite encourages us to get up and get going.

Saged x Moonlight Butterfly Anointing Oil


Holy Santo Herb Pouch

There are multiple different herbs in this box from Holy Santo. Consider the herb you received as a message from the universe on what you need in your life right now. As a Modern Mystic, working with herbs is working with one of the first forms of magic used on earth by humans. Herbalism is thousands and thousands of years old, and the herbs have always had our backs as a species.

Crescent Wind Chime

This gorgeous and mystical wind chime is to serve as a visual and audible reminder of your magic. Hang it on your patio to blow in the wind, or keep it inside where you’ll see it often and can ring the bells as you pass by. Sound is a portal to spirit and this wind chime is your reminder to connect beyond the veil.

Myrrh Incense and Holder

Myrrh is not an herb, but a resin. It’s one of the most powerful and ancient scents in aromatherapy that has been used since time immemorial. Myrrh is incorporated into magical workings to break hexes and curses, or for protection against magical and psychic attack. You can also blend myrrh into an incense to use for purifying sacred spaces, or to consecrate magical tools and other items. The scent is said to boost the spirits and the soul, and is often used to alleviate the symptoms of nervous system disorders.

Intention Journal

The small intention journal included in the Modern Mystic Ritual box can be used for anything you like. The path to magic is not linear, and this journal can help you keep track of spells, intentions, thoughts, ingredients, and anything that has assisted you on your journey. With the categories of “positive affirmations, mindful intentions, and free thoughts” you can keep track of your magic and make note of what is working and what needs to be shifted.


Download the 45-page Modern Mystic Initiation PDF Guide



Morgan Garza is an author, teacher, entrepreneur, and community leader. She is an embodiment of the divine feminine here to empower others to become their own guru by stepping out of the darkness of fear and into the light of activated awareness. As CMO of Saged she intimately and intentionally weaves the worlds of spirituality and business.

Her first book Soul Magic: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Mystics (Macmillan) is available everywhere books are sold. Find her at