Akashic Records: Creator Codes

Akashic Records: Creator Codes
Akashic Records: Creator Codes

Akashic Records: Creator Codes


This workshop is aimed to prepare you to launch into 2022 as the creator of your own magnificent destiny!

It is said that those who know themselves to be divine will be recognized as such. 

Closing out the last 2 years, you stand at the brink of expansive new potentials, ready to create your sublime life, and dream in a new world. 

We’ll do some clearing, give you tools, and activate powers that will last you far beyond class time.

With the Creator Codes of the Akashic Records you will be given ancient keys that awaken knowing within you. New frequencies of joy that once unleashed bless your reality and that of the collective.

Reality is all perception and knowing truth as it flows through the Akashic gives you freedom. To create your reality not be written by it, this is where ecstasy lies. 

Our 2 week workshop will give you tools kept in the Mysteries that will bring you to new waves of delight.

And darlin’, while this may sound like sex magick, its actually cooler than that. We operate beyond the physical realm to access deep pools of joy from the most ancient of spaces. 

Workshop 1

  • Free yourself from a limited“reality”
  • Heal a past aspect of sweet lil you
  • Learn a breath to access your ecstasy
  • Gain the keys of true power

Workshop 2

  • Tap into the wells of bliss inside you
  • Work with your future self
  • Align with a reality of ecstatic joy
  • Use your powers to support the collective

You were born to do this with an all access pass to call forth a new world.  Elation is both your weapon and your super power that when properly attuned ignite new ways of being.

The recordings will be yours for life. 

BONUS: You also receive the live class on Saged that will set the foundation for the workshop series.


Meet your guide: 

Andye Murphy is a multidimensional priestess, alchemist, and keeper of the Akashic Records. She leads through light acting as a living transmission of the wisdom of the divine. An ancient soul, she is an activator of higher consciousness and deeply committed to the enlightenment of humanity.

In 2008 she was reunited with the Egyptian Mystery Teachings and actively lives this tradition as the keys to humanity’s galactic awakening. For more than a decade Andye served as Rock ‘n Roll Shaman, as mentor, healer and reader and is now committed to teaching through the Ascension.

Andye leads an online mystery school, the Luminous Mysteries, hosts the Cosmic Mama podcast, and teaches soulfully from places of light and remembrance.

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