Dream Job Ritual Box- SOLD OUT!

Dream Job Ritual Box- SOLD OUT!

Dream Job Ritual Box- SOLD OUT!

Sorry, we are sold out! Still have a few March ritual boxes left, get yours before they are gone!
🥰 Do what you love, love what you do!

This potent ritual is for anyone looking to live a life on purpose, rather than for a paycheck.

Your time is precious! Stop putting your energy towards something you hate. 2024 is the year you do what you LOVE and get paid for it! 

This Dream Job Ritual Box is for you if:

  • you hate your job and want something new
  • you want to change careers and don't know where to start
  • you like your job but want a promotion and a raise
  • you own your own business and want to earn more and make a bigger impact
  • you know there's more to life than working for a paycheck and want to infuse more purpose and intention into your job
  • you own your own business and want to call in people to help you build it who will love it like you do

You didn't come here to work, pay bills, and die! Take the reins and steer your ship in the direction of something that will fill you with excitement, purpose, fulfillment, and allow your passion to shine. You deserve it! And yes, it exists.


🌈 Limited Edition, Infinite Potential, BIG Magic!

    There is NO live ritual with this box. Rather, you'll receive a ritual PDF to guide you through the ritual. This is NOT part of the Saged monthly ritual boxes.

    Quantity is super limited so snag yours today!

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