Moon Magic 101 Guide

Moon Magic 101 Guide

Moon Magic 101 Guide

If you’re a “look at the moon” person, you’re going to love this beautiful and rich guide. Living by the moon in your daily life is a powerful way to manifest, connect to your intuition, and learn to flow with your own cycles.

We’re lunatics at Saged and the moon is our favorite way to illuminate the spiritual journeyilluminate the spiritual journey we’re all on.

In this guide you’ll learn about:

∆  the different phases of the moon and how to work with them

∆  rituals for the new and full moon

∆  how to manifest with the moon

∆  the significance of your moon sign in your natal chart (astrology)

∆  how the moon affects your inner world

Enter the portal to your infinite power and infuse your daily life with practical magic!

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