5 Ways You Can Connect to Your Cyclic Nature

Humans are cyclic by nature. In life there are cycles– cycles of death and rebirth, in the cycles of nature, in the changing of the seasons, and in the moon cycle. As beings who are part of nature and its rhythms, it’s beneficial for us to be able to connect to those rhythms in a deep way. This way, we are taking in all of the lessons of the different seasons of our lives, and allowing the cycles to shape and mold us into better versions of ourselves. 

It’s a blessing that nothing ever stays the same. How else would we grow? When a snake grows, it sheds its old skin so that it can fit into its new one. While humans can’t literally shed their skin, we can constantly be shedding what doesn't serve us– what no longer fits into our new skin. We do this each month, on the Full Moon as we shake off what’s just not working anymore, to make space for what we are calling in at the new moon. Connecting to our cyclic nature helps us to connect to our higher self.

Here are 5 ways you can connect to your cyclic nature:

Moonwork- Working with the moon cycles, attending moon circles, moon rituals and ceremonies, living by the cycles of the moon, planning your month around the cycles of the moon. You can learn more about Moonwork in our Moon Magic 101 Guide here.

The Wheel of the Year- living by the cycles of nature, celebrating the 8 sabbats/key solar events of the year, planting and harvesting by the Wheel of the Year, spellcasting by the Wheel of the Year, decorating your home and altar with seasonal items, eating seasonally

Connecting to the cycles of your body- Women live by a 28-day hormonal cycle, similar to the moon, while men have a 24-hour hormonal cycle. It’s beneficial to learn about the cycles within your body so that you can tune into what you need and when. Since women's hormonal cycles are stretched out over a longer period of time, they may have less or more energy for days at a time. Of course everyone is built differently, so tune into your internal rhythm, and find your groove.

Find Your Flow- We’re not machines who were made to be on the go all the time. There is a time for everything, including play, rest, and work. Don’t push yourself when you feel like you’re running on empty, and find ways that you can care for yourself daily. Modern life often asks us to put our responsibilities before our personal well-being. Make your personal well-being your responsibility, and structure your life in such a way that you can find balance in your day to day. Just as the moon waxes and anes, there are times for you to be pushing forward, and times to rest and retreat.

Work with astrology- The stars are here to help guide us through the cycles of our lives. When we connect to the wisdom of astrology, we are able to navigate our lives with a little more ease. It’s true, sometimes you can blame it on astrology! Of course, we always have a choice on how we feel. You can also follow astrology for spellwork and manifestation, choosing the most astrologically auspicious days to make magic!

Living with and attuning to the cycles of your life is a path of empowerment and magic, as you root yourself deeply in the raw truth and beauty of dancing in the duality of life and death, and of light and darkness. Relax into the flow of your existence. Find your center, and flow with the rest.

Flow with the cycles of the moon!

The moons ebbs and flows, just like you. Attune to the moon and watch you world come into peace and harmony. Check out our Moon Magic 101 Guide to start your journey of exploration.

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