Astrological New Year Ritual

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An Astrological New Year Ritual to Rise from the Ashes

Spring is in the air, can you feel it? The sun sets a little later now, snow is beginning to melt, and flowers will soon start to bud. New life is emerging all around us, and within us, as we turn with the zodiac wheel in a new cycle, beginning in the sign of Aries, each year. 

Now we get to toss out last year's ashes, and let them fertilize the soil for new growth. It makes sense that the astro new year lands on the first day of spring, the season where everything starts to come alive again. It’s literally a rebirth for the entire planet! What a magical time of new beginnings! 

Now that we’ve shifted from a water sign to fiery Aries, let’s invoke the element of fire into our astro new year ritual. Allow this ritual to gently burn away all that no longer serves you, and create space and fertile ground for your dreams and manifestations to bloom!


For the ritual you will need:

- four bay leaves

- abalone shell

- sharpie or marker

- white candle (white is very purifying)

- jar of water

Astrological New Year Ritual

  1. Gather your ritual items in front of you, and gently cleanse your space. Light your white candle.

  2. Now sit quietly with your eyes closed and take three cleansing breaths. 

  3. Consider what you are letting go of that you no longer wish to carry with you in this next zodiac cycle. Narrow it down to four specific things (or get more bay leaves if you wish). Write what you are releasing on each of the bay leaves.

  4. Now you are going to burn your bay leaves, releasing all of that old energy back into the universe to be transformed. You can burn each of your bay leaves with the purifying flame of your candle, and let them burn in your abalone shell, whispering a prayer of release as each leaf burns.

  5. After the last leaf has burned, take the ashes outside and sprinkle them on the earth. As you do this, name what you are calling into your life this zodiac year. The ashes from your past are now fertilizing the seeds of your future.

  6. Now pour your jar of water onto the earth as an offering, watering your seeds of intention in the process. 


After completing the ritual, give thanks for the blessings of the year past, and for the blessings yet to come. May this turn of the zodiac wheel infuse you with universal wisdom, love, and magic. Blessed be!

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    Ready for the new cycle, blessed be!

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