Attuning to the Cycles of the Moon

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We are part of nature, finely tuned to her rhythms and ways. Just as the moon waxes and wanes, so do we. The moon is like an energy guide. We can tune in to her cycle and see it reflected in our own bodies so that we can function with more balance as we make our way through our day to day lives. 

The moon cycle spans 28 days, which is the same amount of time as a woman's menstrual cycle, however, the women are not the only ones who can work with moon energy.

Men and women alike can benefit from syncing up with the moon and her cycles as her energy affects us all. We all reflect traits of the divine masculine and the divine feminine, and connecting with the moon can help awaken the divine feminine in us all. 

Attuning to the Cycles of the Moon

Here is a short guide to help you navigate the energies of each moon phase:

New Moon

This is the beginning of the moon cycle where the moon is seemingly dark. This is a time of introspection and manifestation. Now is the time to set intentions for the rest of the month. You might feel tired or more introverted at this time. That's ok. Don’t make any big plans now, take some time for yourself, and go to bed early.

Waxing Moon

The moon creeps slowly into it’s light again in this second phase. This is the time to take action on your intentions. You might feel extra motivated, so use this energy to get shit done!

Full Moon

The energy is high during a full moon. Shed and release what you don’t want to carry forward into the next cycle. AfFull moon can carry a lot of emotions with it, so give yourself space to feel.

Waning Moon

Now is a time of reflection, rest and readjustment. Did your new moon intentions manifest? If not, what might you need to energetically readjust in order for your dreams to become a reality. If you feel tired as the new moon draws closer, make sure you get plenty of rest. 

If you want to go more in depth with your relationship with the moon and her cycles, check out our Moon Magic 101 Guide. May you find your sacred rhythm with the moon and her divine cycles. Blessed Be!

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  • doreen davila

    Thank you for this lovely article on working with all the moon phases. I am a newbie to this app and I’m a little disappointed that there aren’t more offerings and blessings! And I find a lot of the prices are a little bit too expensive for my taste. I guess I’m a DYII witch. So mote it be🙏❤️

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