Protection Spell

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We all need some protection from time to time! Use this simple but potent protection spell to help defend you from any unwanted energy penetrating your aura.

This is an extremely simple spell you can do anytime you feel you need protection.

There are many different protection spells out there, but this is one to add to your book for a simple, quick, and deeply soothing spell for anytime, and anywhere. It doesn’t require any tools, just intention, presence, and your own inner magic. 

Protection Spell

First, ground your body, and take three deep breaths. You can do this with your eyes open or closed, depending on where you are and what you are doing.

Imagine yourself being enveloped in white light, starting from your crown chakra, past your root and down to your feet.

Feel yourself relaxing into peace, as you create your energetic forcefield.

Know that unwanted energies cannot penetrate this forcefield.

You are safe here.

For extra protection, carry crystals like black tourmaline, or amethyst with you.

You can also do this ritual to protect things outside of yourself, by envisioning a circle of white light around any objects you wish to protect. 

Magic is at your fingertips, literally. Trust it, and cast your spell!


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1 comment

  • Sandra

    I just read a spell on your blog ! How wonderful & simple it was . Magic is a living thing , that is my love

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